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Why Membership Is Important?

I thank you for following my social medias, but YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, even Patreon are all free platforms, free platform means there are changes of taking over, hijacking by hackers, recently many Youtuber’s channel got hijacked (although they got the channel back in the end). Or worse, deleted by platform owner (Google, Facebook) due to infringement of copyright & policy, so in order to keep in touch with you no matter what happened, I think it is right to do it the old-fashion way – EMAILS, I will save a hard copy of this Excel sheet.

What Will A Member Gets?

To be honest, I don’t know, yet. I just want to keep your contact on my list, because you’re so supportive, you commented kind words & you donated, I feel you are truly a friend who I haven’t met. Hope to meet you all someday.

Alright! enough of the sentimental speech, although that’s really how I felt.