About Me

DL here, this is my personal website, i love craft, making props & toys, using any materials i could find, from paper, cardboard, foam to 3D print, plastic & wood…

Follow my journey, see what i’ve learned & mistakes made in every project, hopefully you learn a thing or two in the process, feel free to comment if you have better way of doing thing or any suggestion.

i shared PDF templates on google drive, you can find the download links in my blogspot dali-lomo.blogspot.com

It’s fun & possible to make interesting stuff at home, with all these free templates. How-to videos on YouTube >> youtube.com/c/dali1lomo

For business inquiries please contact dalilomo@gmail.com

If you support what i do, you can become my Patron or make a one-time donation to my PayPal, or buy stuff from my Etsy page etsy.com/shop/DaliLomo

anyway, i thank you with all my heart, truly!

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